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It is always preferable to avoid Court action if possible.

Dispute Resolution is no different to Credit Control and Debt Collection in that Good Dispute Resolution is Fast Dispute Resolution

So the ball starts in your Court.  When your client disputes what you have done or what you have charged, you must deal with their dispute immediately.  This is  not the time for you to bury your head in the sand.

Even when the debtor is annoying you or making you angry, your best results will be achieved if you show that you are willing to listen to their side of the story - with both ears!  Sometimes, a little bit more communication clears the air so, not only do you get paid for what you have done but you can also retain the debtor for more work later on.

When Back to Black Limited gets involved, they will attempt to communicate and negotiate with your debtors so you can come to an amicable resolution.  

When negotiations fail, the Disputes Tribunal is a wonderful forum to resolve disputes.  Each man must represent himself - keeping the Lawyers and advocates out (including Back to Black Limited).  However, there are protocols which must be followed if you are to have any chance of a successful outcome.  So talk to Delwyn and her team and they will guide you as much as possible.