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We are passionate about credit control.  So who do you know who needs assistance with this?  Get them to give us a call.  Yes we are a small firm – but we pack a mighty punch to get those dollars into your bank account as quickly as possible.

Did you know the Credit Control function starts the moment a potential customer makes contact with you?  That’s when you ascertain who you are dealing with – are they an individual – are they a limited liability company - are they a Trust?  You need to know their physical and postal addresses and as many phone numbers as possible.

Did you know when your accounts get to 60 days overdue, you have lost the majority of any profit you were going to make on that job.  There are a multitude of factors that make this statement reality – you have overdraft rates, postage, stationery, printing and someone’s time to chase the overdue account.  It all adds up.  It all costs you.

The quickest way to get money into your bank is to talk to your customer before you do any work or supply any goods to ensure they know that while you provide a fantastic service or fantastic goods – their side of the contract is that they have to pay the resultant invoice under your terms.


There are a few rules with credit control you should be aware of:

  • Good Credit Control is Fast Credit Control
  • Always fulfil threats to debtors unless there are extenuating circumstances.
  • Monitor payment programmes and “promises” – this is where a diary is essential. As soon as a payment is missed or a promise has been unfulfilled, contact the client.
  • Use the telephone as often as possible rather than statements or letters.
  • The Credit Controller must never take threats nor abuse personally!


If you need a hand with your Credit Control, Debt Collection or Dispute Resolution - to ensure we have all the correct details about you on our system, please complete one of the Applications for Credit.